“Three Chords & the Truth”

A phrase has been often used to describe the rootsy songwriting style of Famous Framus.  Born in Hamilton Ontario, he grew up fast on the streets of the “Gritty City”. As kid he was mesmerized by a man who would come to family parties and play guitar and sing old country songs at the kitchen table all night. This left a lasting impression. He cashed the first “real” paycheck he ever got and bought an acoustic guitar. A couple of years of wood-shedding the basics followed. He put the guitar down for the next few years to concentrate on working in a steel mill, breaking things, and generally raising hell.

Famous Framus picked up his guitar again in his late 20’s and began to get serious about songwriting and performing, playing shows around Hamilton and eventually from Ottawa to Victoria and all points in between. Famous Framus is a soul miner, a blues projector, and a truth teller.

"...part street punk, part folkie, part hellraiser, part poet...he's from Hamilton and bangs away on an old Framus guitar (we know this because the logo is tattooed on his neck)...Famous Framus has a new CD and a voice crying to be heard."

- Graham Rockingham, Hamilton Spectator

"With On Mortal Love, the latest CD from the Famous Framus Band, the group unleashes and unique, edgy, powerful album...It's a work of loud, rough, punk-like spirit that still manages to retain a traditional country/delta blues sound. Despite the rawness of it, the duo, which includes Famous Framus (vocals, guitar, banjo) and Dave Gould (drums, vocals) show off their great musical skills"


                      "...this Hamilton band get it right...rough n' ready tunes...serves up juke joint goods...straight blues no chaser"

- Darryl Sterdan Toronto Sun
"Like a big, mean, drunken, country rampage, Famous Framus Band don't hold back, but instead come out swingin' with a mix of punkabilly and blues."

"... making enjoyable music...never succumb to unintelligence...there's no sign that the Famous Framus Band plan on falling to the tedious side. Sometimes blues, sometimes rock or country...Down By Desire fits comfortably between Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Howl and the United Steel Workers Of Montreal's Kerosene & Coal. "


"Famous Framus Band's new CD, Down By Desire, is a frantic, remarkable, howling work."

- Graham Rockingham, Hamilton Spectator

"...reminiscent of Social Distortion’s Mike Ness over a Jon Spencer type blues explosion, Famous Framus raises the bar with his latest outing..."

- Ric Taylor, View Magazine

"...unique fusion of feral punk-blues-rock...crank up the volume and blow your nasty neighbors away!"

-DD Rocker, Rockin' the Blues.com

"I do not think I have heard an album that defines and captures the sound of Hamilton so effectively as Eight Ball...a white-boy blend of punk and blues that sounds like it was crafted together with steel in east Hamilton!"

- Shain Shapiro, View Magazine

"Famous Framus took the stage dressed in a black suit, acoustic guitar in hand, and with a single spotlight providing illumination. Framus played a set of heavy blues, and watching him perform was like looking into an old black and white photograph."

- The Silhouette

"Famous Framus had been one of our favourites going way back... blue collar origins and uniquely Canadian flavoured delta blues and Ozarkian tinged songs...a knack for wordplay and thrust in a deliberate two step...World class music all comes from the same place, the heart and mind of the artist who lays it all out for us."

- Kevin Barber, Barbershop Podcast

"Learn to Live, the newest release from Hamilton's Famous Framus. shows a wonderous musical evolution.  Framus takes his trademark, punk-like speed and growl and dials it down to create a beautiful, raw masterpiece"

- Hamilton Blues Lovers


Famous Framus and Betty Bomb

Famous Framus & Betty Bomb!

Guitars & Drums!
Punk & Blues!
Husband & Wife!
A Band!

Famous & Betty had an inspiration and a vision just after the calendar page flipped over to 2018. It was time to finally do it! They locked themselves in the metaphorical woodshed and started banging and howling and building the bricks that would become the musical foundation of the band that we see today. Famous had been playing for years and Betty knew that it was her time to get in the game. With rock steady determination and innate timing and power she set out on a musical journey to express herself on the drum kit as Betty Bomb! They’ve set out on that path together, hand in hand, as a band.
Famous & Betty!

Betty BombFamous Framus & Betty Bomb

Famous Framus & Betty Bomb

Live Show

Saturday December 1, 2018
Live Performance Start Time: 8PM
Rebels Rock Irish Pub
537 King St E,
Hamilton Ontario, L8N 1E2
(905) 777-1771
Google Maps Link
See The Facebook Page

Live Show

Monday December 31, 2018
Live Performance Start Time: 8PM
Rebels Rock Irish Pub
537 King St E,
Hamilton Ontario, L8N 1E2
(905) 777-1771
Google Maps Link
See The Facebook Page

Famous and Betty Videos

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